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Facebook Valentine Attributes – Unlike every other ordinary in the world, Valentine is a day for love and romantic activities. For every tradition or event globally recognized, Facebook has always tried its best to make it even more fun for you and me. Any Facebook user should know have a hint of what celebrating Val’s on the platform looks like.

If you choose to be a part of the fun train heading to Val’s day with FB, then I must say you’re right on track. Everyone wishes to make the day as interesting as it can be but run out of ideas while trying to do so. If you’re interested to know what the platform has in store for you this year, why not continue reading this article.

Facebook Valentine Categories

For valentine this year, the company has decided to introduced some major features to help us celebrate even more. We get to witness something new each year, but this time they’re a whole lot of them. You can check out anyone you like directly on the platform. Here are some major features available for valentine;

  • Avatar
  • FB Dating
  • Watch feature
  • Marketplace
  • Live
  • Photo frames

These are a few amongst other things the platform has to offer, and I’ll be explaining briefly how they can help us have a memorable valentine.


Feature avatars are cartoon-like characters created to represent human emotions and feelings. With this, you can create something extraordinary are display it on the platform telling people you’re a big fan of the day. It also works as a gift, you can decide to create something like this for your lover or a frame of you both and post it as your display picture.

Facebook Dating

For those who have no one to spend valentine with, this is the best feature for you. Here you have the chance to mingle with new people from all over the world. All you have to do is create a dating profile and you get to communicate with new people.

Watch feature

With this feature, you get the chance to stream any video of your choice totally for free. BY that I mean valentine movies, video clips, audio, and a whole lot more.


This is an online store created by Facebook to help users purchase whatever goods of their choice and it’ll get delivered to them. It doesn’t end there, if you also have products you want to sell, you’re free to advertise. Now you can get the right valentine gifts of your choice from Facebook.

Photo Frames

These are designed that your decorate your pictures and cover photos on Facebook. It can be any design of your choice. At this time you’ll get some unique frames for valentine. You should try it out.

Facebook Live

For those who don’t have the opportunity to be with their loved ones for a valentine this year you can simply communicate with them by streaming live video with them. It becomes more interesting when it’s someone who has a large fan base and wishes to celebrate with his fans.

Facebook Valentine

The things mentioned above are just what makes valentine’s on Facebook more interesting than any other platform you can think of. Just have fun and try to have the best of the day. Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!!!

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